Loans & International Project financing at a guaranteed 3% interest rate

Our main businesses as a registered financial institution are;

  • Direct Loan Lenders

  • Genuine Loan Company

  • SME Loan Firm

  • Genuine International Money  Lenders

  • Direct Loan Lenders for bad credit

  • Secured & Unsecured Loan

  • Fund my Projects

  • Small business Loan


C&M Finance Limited has funded over 2000 projects from a private source in a guaranteed 3% Interest rate annually  since their inceptions in August 2000


Our financing is suitable for all sectors of economy especially in Agriculture, Real Estate

The requirements we need to complete such loans are as follows;

  • Application via completion of our KYC/Loan application form.

  • Approval within 48 hours 

  • Presentation and execution of lease agreement/Borrowers Personal guarantee as an Indemnit

  • Meetings Via investors bank and release of funds


Sincere brokers are our stepping stones and they are welcomed and protected

We are looking forward to completing any of your project in a nearest feature.

Below is our recent funding cert.


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